"I’m so tired, that my tired is tired"

This past week has been quite full on. I was very nervous going into it. Late nights, early mornings, eating on the run, different cities and tight deadlines do not make for an ideal situation for me. But, I got through it. I am amazed that I made it through to 5pm yesterday. 

As part of my condition, my blood sugar levels are not great. This means I need to eat regular meals in order to save myself from completely crashing. Unfortunately, this week I was forced to have a combined lunch/dinner at about 3pm and hope for some form of snack to be made available at 7.15pm. The only meal I regularly got was breakfast, which, as someone who’s gluten intolerant, this is not an easy meal to fill up on or even get. So making it through to the end of the work week on very little food was in itself a huge achievement. 

Next was the late nights and early mornings. Thursday/Friday was the worst. We finished work at 9.15pm and had to set our alarms for around 4.50am in order to be able to get up in time to get our flight back to Melbourne from Brisbane. Upon arriving in Melbourne I had about 1.5hours to finish off some work in the office, then it was off to a client meeting (over lunch time so again no food). As soon as the meeting was over, it was onto a train and back home – the whole time I continued to work until around 5pm. 

As soon as I sent off my last email my body and brain stopped. There was no getting going again. I’d completely worn myself out and my body and brain finished up their duty for the week. 

Now, I face the challenge of finishing off an essay. My mind is mush, my eyes are droopy and not a god-damned thing I’m reading is making any sense. 

I’ve crashed!