Diet fail

From my last session with my naturopath/hypnotherapist, I was told I still had to stay on the Paleo Diet with the exception of fructose, potato and rice. I’d already been cheating on the fructose, so that was no different. I’ve since enjoyed a few chips and rice foods as well. But my problem wasn’t with trying to stay off rice and potato…my problem lay with the lack of coffee and chocolate. 

Finally, yesterday I hit that time when every girl wants needs chocolate. My brother was also whistling Christmas carols…so I snapped. I ate 5-6 dark chocolate chips. The release of stress was amazing. For most of my life I’ve had to adjust to not being able to eat gluten and not being able to do things because of my CFS. I was tired of being a prisoner to my illnesses. I didn’t want to lose my favourite food and drink to it all as well. So this morning I marched into the coffee shop and I ordered a real coffee. None of this decaf shit! It relieved the annoyance of my morning and made me so much more happier. 

So, I’ve decided – no more than 1 coffee a day. And if I have a coffee, then I don’t have chocolate. If I have chocolate, then I don’t have coffee. It’s a comprimise I’ve made with myself that I’m content with. The naturopath will probably be disappointed, but it’s a decision I had to make. I was just getting too depressed.


2 thoughts on “Diet fail

  1. I quite agree. There's no point in being “cured” if you are totally miserable with it. Reminds me of the Dr who told Gumpy to cut out the beer about 45 years ago cos it would lead to an early death. The Dr's been dead for 40 years and Dad's 90! xxxx Mum


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