The next chapter: Narcolepsy cont…

I haven’t written in a while – purely because not a lot of progress/change/developments have taken place over this past month. But I am now another step closer to the next stage of treatment. I’ve just returned from an appointment with my sleep specialist. Since I last saw her I had to have an echo and a series of blood tests to check my general organ health before she would consider putting me on medication. Thankfully all tests were clear so as far as she’s concerned…I’m good to go. 

The next step is applying for the medication. To take Modavigil, my sleep specialist needs to send the PBS my file so that they can approve my taking of the medication. I’ve obviously never had medication that required such a process to take it so I was worried that it would mean a lot of expenses to get the drugs I need. BUT…according to the PBS website, I won’t be paying any more than my other medications anyway. PHEW!

Within about 2-3 weeks I should have these new drugs in my hands. Apparently I get to look forward to a period of nausea and headaches with possible heightened anxiety (FUN). Thankfully my latest production, RENT (book tickets), will be done and dusted by that time so I should be able to get myself through the early side-effects. But please, bear with me during that time. It will take a few months before I can work out the right dosage, but hopefully it will get me back on track. 

So until I get those meds…sleep well my lovelies.


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