The ‘Maybe-I-have-that-too’ Syndrome

The ‘Maybe-I-have-that-too’ Syndrome is highly contagious and most often caught by those in contact with chronically ill people. Research suggests that the chronically ill act as a carrier for this disease and inadvertently infect the healthy upon talking about their illnesses.

Symptoms include:

  • Dismissive behaviour towards the chronically ill
  • Loss of hearing when ill people are speaking
  • Associative tendencies particularly in relation to another person’s symptoms
  • Increased levels of arrogance

Sadly, I come across people with this syndrome on a regular basis. Judging by the frequency I meet people with this disease I would say I’m a carrier, causing those around me to fall victim to it. Just last night I somehow manged to infect 80% of a dinner party I was at. As a result my own symptoms flared up, causing me to miss another party I was due to attend. 

It’s a dangerous disease. I can only hope that one day we will find a cure to aid these struggling sufferers.


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