Rehab: CFS style!

So after nearly 12 months of waiting, I’m just 4 weeks away from starting a rehabilitation program through the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre (Austin Health).

The program runs from 9am-3pm Tuesday and Thursday for 8 weeks. During that time I will be doing the following:

  • Gym and Hydrotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Yoga / Relaxation
  • Dietetics, as required
  • Education in “Better Health Self-Management”
  • Regular medical reviews
  • Family education session (for my family/partner to attend)

Being a program for people with varying degrees of capabilities brought on by having CFS, it will hopefully allow my body to recharge and rest a bit from my normal day-to-day activities. I must admit, I am excited by having hours of gym, hydrotherapy and yoga worked into my week!

I don’t receive the full program timetable until May 6th, so until then…let the countdown begin!


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