Rehab & optimism

This week I started my 8 week rehab journey with the Royal Talbot.

The program started with a session explaining chronic fatigue and the program. Family and friends were invited to attend mostly so that they can learn a bit about the condition and understand what it is their loved ones will be going through over the next 8 weeks and how they can support them through it. Throughout the session there were a number of questions about chronic fatigue which I found a bit unusual. Over the years I have forgotten that not everyone with CFS has had it for over a decade, many have only had it for a couple of years. Therefore their research would be quite limited compared to my many, many years of reading. Mum, like me, has learnt quite a lot over the years about the condition, but my partner is relatively new to it all so I think he benefited quite a bit from the session.

Following this introductory session we were then taken to the gym to have our physio assessments. The idea of this assessment was (I assume) to find our baseline in terms of what we are currently physically capable of. Whilst I’ve always known that I’m flexible and was told last year that I had hypermobility, it wasn’t until this assessment that I got an indication of just how abnormally bendy I am. When your assessing physio says “WOW! You’re really bendy. You’re almost bent backwards in half” you kind of get the idea that perhaps you are sitting at the higher end of the hypermobility scale. Especially considering the fact that CFS and hypermobility often go hand in hand.

As I make my way through the program I will endeavour to keep track of my progress and make note of which elements from the program work best for me. Whilst the type of therapy used within this program is often questioned on various sites, when done properly I believe it can result in success. I’m not saying I’ll be cured or that I’ll feel any better at the end of the 8 weeks. All I’m hoping for is a new bout of strength to help me through each day.


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