Why isn’t sleep cool?

In a recent interview, Julie Flygare (narcolepsy patient advocate extraodinare), discussed the purpose of her not-for-profit organisation Project Sleep. She mentioned that for some reason sleep isn’t cool, and she’s right. We are constantly bragging about how little sleep we’re operating on as we guzzle down oversized coffee and energy drinks.

Why does “I’m working on 4 hours sleep today” sound cooler than “I was in bed by 9.30 last night”?

Study after study comments on how much sleep we need a night in order to function at our full potential. Anyone who’s ever been sleep deprived knows how much extra effort it takes to get through a day without adequate sleep the night before. If this bragging about how little sleep we’ve had is to prove how much better we are from our peers, surely we’d be better off having a good night’s rest and being able to perform at our absolute best to prove our superiority if that’s what we’re after?


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