Heroes need to sleep too

I’m sure there’s a quote or a song about how our idols/heroes are only human like the rest of us. Anyway, that’s how I felt today when I was reading Julie Flygare’s latest blog post about her attempt to fight it out with napping. It was a bittersweet moment.

Even though I’ve read her book and seen her speak about her narcolepsy, it’s sometimes all too easy to forget that she, I, and so many others are all facing the same battles. One thing those of us with chronic illnesses do so well is mask the true extent of how we feel day-to-day. It’s not to say that it is a bad thing; we need to do it in order to survive. All too often I find myself thinking, or even believing, that everyone else has their lives totally under control, while I fumble from one day to the next. But as I read hers and other people’s stories, I am reminded once again that we are all human and when we’re living with the same medical condition, we are all experiencing the same hurdles.

And I don’t think this is just the case for those with chronic illnesses. I’d bet that everyone has their battles that they feel they’re the only ones facing, when in actual fact, we’re all just as lost and confused as each other.

When we’re kids it’s encouraged to ask that seemingly dumb question in class, because chances are there’s someone else in the class who’s just too shy to put up their hand. But for some reason that mentality seems to leave us when we’re adults. Suddenly it’s not so ok to need to ask for help.

So thank you Julie for your blog post about your struggles in raising your needs in the workplace. It’s just nice to know there’s a voice out there telling us that we’re not alone.