The Paleo Diet

I’ve just returned from seeing this new naturopath I mentioned a couple of posts ago. He explained to me a lot about the workings of the brain and body and how an imbalance of electricity in your brain can impact the workings on the rest of your body. Essentially if my brain isn’t in sync, then the signals it’s sending to the rest of my body isn’t going to be in sync. 

Another fun fact I learnt today was that 60-70% of the immune system is housed in the gut. So when your gut isn’t in the right shape, neither is the rest of you. 

This brings me to the Paleo Diet

For 2 weeks I need to detox by taking on a diet that consists of zero starch, wheat, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, rices and various other things. So basically no coffee, chocolate, pasta, chips or wine (my favourites). 

It’ll certainly be a challenge, but one I have to take on if I want to commit to getting better. 

Next week I’ll have my first hypnosis session. Another challenge, but another step I have to take.