Hypnotherapy, meditation & detox

Today marks the 10th day of the detox diet. I can’t say I’m enjoying it or seeing any changes. I’ve barely even lost a kg! I know it’s not about losing weight, but I’m going to have to suffer for 2 weeks, I would have at least liked to have seen a shift in weight. Might motivate me a bit more to get through to the end of the fortnight. It all just makes me angry and I can’t even turn to any of my vices to calm me down. It hasn’t helped that this past week I’ve been tasked with mind numbing work to do so all day my brain is just calling out for something to keep it happy – be it coffee or chocolate. 

It won’t be until Monday night that I will find out what I can start eating again. By the time my appointment is over, all cafes will be closed so even if I am allowed coffee again, I won’t get to enjoy one until Tuesday! 

Monday night will be hypnotherapy session #2. I must say, I was a little disappointed in discovering the truth about hypnosis. I’m not sure where the movies and TV shows got their idea of hypnotism, but it’s not like that at all! Really, all you’re doing is meditating and that’s just how it feels. There’s no fob watch, there’s no clucking like a chicken; there’s just resting on a table with your eyes closed.

The purpose of the hypnosis is to speak to my sub-conscious and allow it to remember a time when I was well. This will in turn open it up to the idea of getting better again. 

I know it all sounds like hippie voodoo, but when you’ve been sick for 10+ years, anything is worth a shot!


Next step in the journey

I’m about to embark in a new phase of attempted recovery and CFS treatment. My naturopath has set me up with an appointment with her work colleague who in actual fact treated her CFS a few years ago. 

The purpose of me seeing this other naturopath is for him to help me put together a low carb, high protein diet as well as try out some acupuncture and hypnotherapy treatments. The hypnotherapy is designed to help me to open up a pathway in my mind to allow me to get to the finish line where I am healthy again. 

At this stage I’m both skeptical and curious about the hypnotherapy. I don’t know enough about it to really understand how it works. I guess my next step is to do some reading up on it and work out what questions I will need to ask next week at my initial consultation.