Today I had my second appointment/assessment at the Austin CFS Clinic. I walked in with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and walked out with possibly actually having a hypermobility syndrome.

The Dr I saw today asked me to bend and stretch various body parts and based on that assessment I’m considered to have hypermobility.

Being a dancer since I was 5, it never occurred to me that my flexibility was anything other than years of training. Although now that I think about it, even with large breaks in my dancing, I’ve never really lost my flexibility.

So now I’m starting a new round of research into various hypermobility syndromes like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome.

According to hypermobility.org, “severe fatigue can also become an issue, and is often driven by the chronic pain and poor sleep patterns. This may be confused with the condition Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”

So there you have it. My ‘natural’ flexibility, childhood scoliosis and chronic fatigue might all be due to a hypermobility syndrome.